What is Reality?

How real is reality?
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UPDATE: 2018. The Mass Participation TV Project I’m sharing here has since been discontinued but I’ve kept a lot of the tapes on my youtube channel for those who might want to see how it works.

What’s Behind Door # 3?

Remember that game show where contestants bid on what was behind closed doors? They didn’t know what they were bidding on til later. They were bidding on faith, on a hunch, on whatever the audience or their mother thought.

I recently got involved with a mass participation tv project. I’ve enjoyed acting for decades but this gave me the chance to expand into writing, collaborating with other writers and actors and creating characters for specific shows.

MPTV is a web-based virtual reality world where you can create a character, any character you want, and become part of a fictional place and storyline. You may also create your own show.

Amusing, fun and ultimately spiritually profound.

It turns out that virtual reality is really no different than real reality. If what I perceive is real reality, that is. Not sure about that anyway.

In any case, playing in this virtual world has shown me that whether we are creating in 3-d reality or in virtual reality, our choices affect others. Our contribution impacts the whole. As I write my character script, noticing the storyline of the show and the other characters, I weave myself into the story. It’s really no different in real life so in a sense, this helps me be a better communicator and also helps me understand where I belong and feel most at home.

It’s a fascinating creative experience and a delightful spiritual exploration. If you want to know more, please visit

Mass Participation TV.

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