What does 2012 look like to you?

How is the shift of the century shaping up?
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

What will 2012 bring to the planet?

I was asked recently, by a friend of mine, what I felt would happen in 2012.

If there’s anyone who hasn’t heard about the Mayan calendar and all the various interpretations on why the calendar kept for ages completely stops in December of 2012, it has to do with cataclysmic shifts and transformation the likes of which the world has never seen. At least, that’s one popular consensus.

2012, for me, is still fluxing wildly.

The energy of it literally feels like water, where anything could shift or float over or float out or flood or storm or …. I’ve really shifted from even caring to being in each moment as fully as I can.

What I consistently sense is the real potential for nothing at all to change for some while everything, absolutely everything, changes for others.

Kinda like the rapture in the bible where two are plowing in the field and one disappears, shifted into an entirely different reality in an eyeblink.

Update at end of 2013: Geeze, it hasn’t stopped fluxing. Just realized it’s been a full year of energetic chaos. The radiation crisis at Fukushima is the biggest flux right now. All appearances point to the death of our ocean as we have known it. In the US, Obamacare and other issues flux around like tidal waves. Spiritually speaking, I have never felt more turbulence in the field. Sometimes, it’s all I can do to stay conscious and not retreat back into animal level survival mechanisms.

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