Non-GMO Seal for Organic Foods

Are Genetically Modified Foods Our Only Option Now?
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Companies On Board for New Non-GMO Seal

Like many health-conscious folk on the planet, I have deep concerns about GMO’s.

I also believe it’s in the best interest of those who promote them to get them into all our food if possible, so that one day non-gmo seeds will be extinct.

The person who controls the food supply, controls the nation. Forget which famous person said that or something like it but it’s true. The only thing as important as our food is water.

So, I’m not really surprised to learn that GMO’s (genetically modified organisms, or biotech materials) are even showing up in organic foods.

I appreciate the companies that have agreed to become part of a new labeling campaign which would provide a non-gmo seal for companies that agree to have their products tested for biotech materials.

The ones I know about, off the top of my research, include Nature’s Path Foods, Eden Foods and Whole Foods Markets.

Bravo to these companies and may many more follow.

Gmo crops are increasing. Right now, I know that most corn you buy, unless it states otherwise, is gmo corn. And this corn is finding it’s way into the diet in some surprising ways, including being used in tea bags. Potatoes also heavily targeted as gmo crops, as are sugar beets.

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