Chemtrails and Your Health

What are chemtrails and should we be worried about them?

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
Are Chemtrails Harmful or just Harmless Water Vapor?

The answer to that question depends a lot on who you ask.

What can be agreed upon is that chemtrails (sometimes called contrails) come out of airplanes in the sky. You’ve seen them. They look like jagged white lines across the sky and appear in the flight line of planes, trailing out behind them hence the name chem trails.

However, one document I read suggested that the contrails associated with what is called chem trail spraying, as in releasing toxins into the air, have a different pattern than regular contrails in that they will either be crisscrossed (planes don’t normally fly like that) or in random patterns unusual for a plane in flight.

What’s in chemtrails or contrails? Big question.

Again, depending on who does the testing, chemtrails are said to contain barium, pathogens, aluminum and well, dried human blood.

There have been reports of chemicals from these chemtrails causing residents on the ground to develop respiratory conditions, asthma attacks, dizziness and other health issues when the spray filters down to the ground.

For more information about contrails and chemtrails, I’d suggest watching the following video on youtube. It’s titled “What in the world are they spraying”.

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