Coping with Collembola

Collembola – The Univited Guest that Never Wants to Leave
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Annoyingly Persistent Bugs

Question on Health:

Thank you for your site. So relieved to find someone who really knows about this. I am so sure I have this infestation and my kids.We were prescribed scabies cream over and over again by several doctors. But it didnt work. Finally I am using anti fungal and zinc creams and zinc powders that help. But the humidity here over the last year has persisted.

I am using anti dandruff and sulphur shampoos, and have been rinsing sinuses out with diluted clove oil, which kills fungus. My eyes have lesions under the lids and I have constant conjunctivitis. Leaving zinc powder all over the floor helps too, as well as an air ioniser.

I have recently started an alkaline diet, and drinking grapefruit seed extract with lemon juice. My skin is clearing up and I my usual migrane I have ever two weeks was just a bad head ache. These coincide with the new and full moon. They start 2 days before and end a day or two later. Is this their breeding cycle? As I feel so much more activity at this time. Seeing we have had these for so long what are the effects of this condition? How far internally can they live?

Healing Facilitation Response:

I’m so sorry for your struggle. I will be publishing the information I’m giving you on the blog as well, so others may benefit. No names will be used. All personal info respected.

These things are just horrible and the thing I didn’t know about them til recently is that springtails can live on towels or skin even after they are dried out. In other words, you could wash towels and dry them and then when moisture hits these little monstors, they rehydrate. Absolutely bizarre and rather terrifying if you find or suspect infestation.

I suggest ALWAYS washing towels, linens and clothing in something with tea tree oil in it as well as using tea tree shampoo and soap, again, only if there are no allergies to these products.

Getting new mattresses also important if you can swing it. If not, I’d spray heavily with tea tree oil, juniper oil, thyme and oregano oil and let dry before sleeping on them.

New pillows at same time you treat everything else would be just about vital, in my opinion.

The website I’ve listed below, which you may have already come across, has some good info on finding the source of the collembolla and focuses on how you must treat home, pets and all humans simultaneously to rid yourself of them.

However, I DO NOT agree with using chemical foggers. I think these may be more harmful to your family than the collembolla. I would personally use essential oils rather than chemiclal pesticides and natural anti-parasitics rather than chemical anti-parasitics.

Essential oils are tremendously effective against mites. Juniper and Tea Tree oil (mixed with water in spray bottle) are two good ones to consider spraying your entire house with, if no one has allergies to the smell or respiratory conditions.

Also great: thyme oil and oregano oil.

If breathing the oils is an issue, then could leave the dwelling for a time, same as you would for a fogger.

Collembolla Treatments

I do not know how far internally they can go but since anti-parasitics are suggested, I suspect they can be systemic.

I feel that parasites attack a weak system the fastest so would also focus on building immune system function with antioxidants and good nutrition, excercise, proper hydration, etc.

Keeping body ph alkaline should also help make the body a less attractive host.

You mentioned using zinc a lot. Would just say that there is a risk of zinc toxicity if too much is ingested and/or soaks into skin thru pores. Recently, some denture creams were recalled because of zinc toxicity among denture wearers who used too much dentifrice.

I’ve included some zinc toxicity information for your awareness.

I wish you success with this situation.

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