Massive Flux

Is Your Life in Massive Flux?

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
When Odd, Positive and Negative Experiences Flux Rapidly
(partially excerpted from an email conversation I had this morning)

What I call massive flux is when both ends of an experience spectrum get activated. it’s like an earthquake, landslide or domino effect.

Most often, massive flux can be triggered whenever we have made a choice or series of choices that have resulted in our being in the world in a new way. Changing your job, moving to a new location, leaving a relationship, redefining your life in some major way, spiritual awakening …. all examples of shifts that can trigger massive flux in our outer experience for a while

Energetically, we begin to attract experiences that reflect different aspects of who we are in this new world.

As in any environment, the new environ will hold those who resonate with what we are doing and those who do not. That’s the spectrum within which the flux of moment to moment experience occurs. For a while after a major shift, it is often very intense in that those who do and don’t like us or what we are doing will stand out.

What we choose in those moments goes a long way toward stabilizing the experience we wish to have (depending on how aware and alert we can remain in experiences) or destabilizing.

Destabilization of the field of potential is one of the main reason so many projects fall apart before reaching their full potential — when the flux happens, we are not able to balance, be in the present moment and respond appropriately in the new environment.

What has been vital for me in times of massive flux (and those come quite often this year in my life) is the moment-to-moment attention and re-balancing.

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