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The drugs you may be taking when you eat chicken
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
A Little Arsenic on your Chicken?

I read about arsenic being injected into chickens just prior to their being killed and processed, to make them have a terrible inflammatory response which plumps up the meat.  I thought, how disgusting, unhealthy and inhumane.

I didn’t realize that most chickens raised for food were being given arsenic-laced food as well or that the antibotics used were so prolific.

The source of the arsenic most chickens consume is called roxarsone.  Like the injections, this concoction is given to chickens to create inflammation.  The meat looks bigger, plumper, more pink.  Also, roxarsone apparently kills parasites in the chickens.

In any case, I was already pretty turned off by what I’d read about arsenic before I came across some info on a study done by John’s Hopkins.

It isn’t just arsenic in that chicken meat; unless you are buying organic chickens fed organic food, there may be the following:

Antibiotics (including antibiotics banned as early as 2005 by the FDA)





In fact, I think there must be a link between the emergence of MRSA in humans and the amount of antibiotics most meat eaters are getting in their food, on top of whatever antibiotics they are over, er, prescribed by their doctor.

Read more about the John’s Hopkins chicken study

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