New Earth Ponderings

So, this is the new earth?
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Shocked by the Shift Aftermath

You know, it’s funny.

I spent a lot of time considering 2012. With so many credible sources saying it was a time of planetary transformation, I didn’t see how I could just dismiss it as any other time.

I didn’t know exactly how the shift would happen or what it would be like but I knew one was coming.

December 21st came and went for me. I can’t pinpoint any particular epiphany or energetic shift other than the collective consciousness vibration around the whole idea of the world ending or cataclysm.

But then, oh ….

December 23 … the start of one of the worst weeks of my life, hands down. There are only about 3 other times that could even come close to how bad it all felt. In fact, I really thought I was on the way out. Going home.

Physically so ill, emotionally in chaotic swirl, financially broke and relationships weren’t going so hot at this time either. Whew.

An eternal 8 days later, I emerge. I realize I’m staying a bit longer, hanging around after the shift.

Since then, I’ve felt fundamentally different though not in ways I can articulate with words. At an organic, cellular level, I’m not the same.

Because I’m not the same, nothing else in my outpictured reality is the same. The paradox is that it looks quite similar.

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