Flowing Like Water Yet?

From potential to manifestation
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
Fast and Furious Potentials Come and Go

Another thing I’ve noticed since the December 2012 shift is just how much potential floats in and out of my field every moment. I’m sure it always did and I just wasn’t as aware of it. That phrase “turn on a dime” comes to mind. Rapid opportunities for all sorts of realities flooding the predominant reality I’ve been living in.

It’s a little disconcerting. I can see why we needed to have certain gridlines of support in place before this became the norm. I feel like water that has steel rebar areas that keep it from flowing. It’s as if a lot of me is flowing forward and then there are sections that hang back. I can see how it would look if drawn as a cartoon, kinda like the Roadrunner when he takes off but you can still see him standing still too, that moment.

I’ve know it forever, on an intellectual level but when I realize on a conscious, cellular level that I could instantly flow into an entirely new relationship with everything around me, and that everything around me could be different simultaneously, a paradox emerges.

Does water choose, or just flow the path of least resistance? Do I actually need to choose anything, or stop choosing entirely and let the current of my soul vibration take me where I inevitably and optimally must end up?

I ponder how my life could look if I simply stopped pushing against what did not flow? There must still be part of me that believes I have to make something happen … also, that I have control over reality — I, the little I, the personality self.

Is it time to just surrender everything. Release resistance, release the need to “do”, and just be with whatever seems to have flow in it, with what has somewhere for the water to easily go?

If I am water, is there somewhere I want to go? Stagnating in a still pool is a potential too.

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