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Like Puppies Chasing Cars?
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
Contacting Spirits Hollywood-Style

I was watching one of those paranormal shows. I can’t recall the name but it’s one where they stay overnight, with all their ghost hunting equipment, trying to find proof that a place is haunted.

The first thing that turns me off about those shows is the red eyes. Maybe they can’t help but look red when you use that night vision stuff but it just hits me as a Hollywood special effect and I don’t like those when I’m suposed to be watching a reality show.

The other thing that bugs me is the scripted stuff. I can tell what’s scripted because no one really looking for Spirits in an abandoned and supposedly haunted place, would ever say some of the things they say. On one episode, a girl was asking the ghost for advice about college.

The reality of ghost hunting is a lot of sitting around waiting and not much else in most cases.

I don’t believe those thuds and flashes of light. They just aren’t conclusive. Really, they could be anything, especially since it is for television.

And I often wonder what would happen if a full-blown apparition started chatting with these folks … not just a word or two in an isolated sound track but clearly dialoguing. Would they be like puppies who chase cars? Would they know what to do with it if it really, truly happened?

The last time I saw a “Spirit”, there was absolutely no doubt what it was. There was a clear image of a woman in a white dress with a high color walking around the corner and down the hall. I didn’t call her, didn’t try to connect with her, I just saw her. After that, two other people I had not told about the event saw her and described her as well.

Could I have caught that on camera? I’d be interested in knowing the answer to that but I don’t have much confidence that setting up camp where I saw this woman would do a single thing to bring her back.

Call me a skeptic. I’m just saying the times I’ve seen Spirits or they have contacted me, it was all spontaneous and no night vision goggles were needed.

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