2012 Shift Aftermath

Feeling Lost These Days?

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Got an email this morning that, in some ways, seemed to confirm my own sense of what many of those who are committed to awakening, as well as those who have been on the awakening trail for decades, have been dealing with since December, 2012.

Question on Healing:

I am not sure what has led me to write this email, for this is not something I would normally do. I met with a shaman who helped me (temporarily?) rid myself of ancestral negative spirits that have been with me for years. I felt I had seen them in my dreams. Near the conclusion of our session, she said that she believed that she saw a healer within me, although unrealized. Since then I have hit another bottom in my life.

I am no stranger to hard times. My life has been filled with traumatic events, yet anyone who meets me can tell you that I possess a great inner-strength, especially given my age. But right now I am lost. I spend most of my time digging into different topics of study, but stray away quickly not due to a loss of interest, but more like a lack of confidence that this is how I should spend my time here that was so graciously given to me.

I have asked my spirit guides for assistance in getting back on my path that leads to my destiny and now I’m writing you. I would like to request your course, but am also hoping that you may take the time to give me any personal advice that you can.

Healing Facilitation Response:

What may be helpful is if I tell you that your feeling of being lost and straying away from study, etc. may be part of the overall pattern right now. 2012 has lived up to it’s promise, at least in my own life, as the year it all shifts.

Dust is settling on the biggest space/time shift I can imagine and part of that unsettling situation is manifesting as uncertainty, confusion, inability to focus, feeling lost, feeling without a place, feeling drawn to be in relation to reality in a new way but not knowing how, etc.

I felt the impact of this starting a full year ago, this particular shift. You seeking out the Shaman may have been your own Spirit saying … big shift underfoot.

I’d encourage you to relax into not knowing, as much as you can, and to accept even your moments of judgment around ideas that you have been lost, or feelings that whatever you are doing is not a perfect way to be spending your time here. I understand the sense of urgency and, weirdly enough, the best way to cope with it is to relax and let it go. It is what it is, and we are each perfectly poised to be our best selves in it.

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