Holding Potentials Loosely

Learning the art of not latching on – a practice in spiritual surrender
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
Oh, how the mind likes to latch on to something …

The mind wants to know. What’s the right action? What’s the next step? What’s the right direction?

Since 2012, manifestation potentials seem a lot more rapid, both to form and to dissolve. It isn’t the nature of potential that has changed. I realize that. It’s me. I’ve shifted into a different relationship with potential.

Now, there are so many potentials that the mind does not know what to do. In reality, the mind doesn’t need to be doing anything but it’s so used to orchestrating decisions.

I notice, every time a new potential surfaces, the almost overwhelming need to make it solid, to make it “real”, a fact that closes the other doors that may be open, so that I know. So that the mind knows. What a limiting choice!

Today, taking my walking meditation, I got a glimpse of how it is to hold all manifestation potentials very loosely. How tricky. To follow the flow of what is, in the moment, opening in grace and ease and then, just as surrendered and accepting, move in a different direction if the flow shifts.

Right now, I’m holding at least 8 conscious potentials for the next phase of my life. Those are just spiritual options I’m conscious of, mind you! None of these potentials have manifested and, for the longest illusion of time, I thought it was because I couldn’t choose between them and commit. Now, I realize it was the very thought of having to commit and close any doors that was jamming up the works.

When I am able to stand in a place of neutral observation, and simply (not easily, most of the time) feel into the space where grace and ease appear moment to moment and move with that, there is more flow to my life.

The second my monkey mind grabs hold of a potential, either with urgency (have to act on this now or I’ll lose the opportunity) or prodded by a sense of lack (I have to make this happen because I need money) or whatever it is the mind uses as a good enough reason to hold tightly to one potential and ignore others … that is the habit I’m breaking. I’m consciously choosing to invite in every potential and let them all just be … let myself just be, with them. When a potential has enough soul juice and ignites my passion strongly enough, it will make itself solid in my life, in front of me, with grace and ease.