The Relationship Paradigm

The Agreement of Mutual Need
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

I was taking my walking meditation today, a spiritual practice I have long employed.

I was walking around a track behind my home. Joining me was an elderly lady and her younger caretaker. The first signal I had that this was an important detail to notice was when I saw the lady and caretaker walking about 1/5 of a mile from me, and in the opposite direction and then, just a few minutes later, they were on the walking track, about half a track ahead of me. I don’t know how that is physically possible in the time that had elapsed and even if they had come to the track after I saw them, they should have been behind me, not in front.

Anyway, I noticed. So, I watched this elderly lady whose back was so bent forward that she faced the ground as she walked. For whatever reason, I found myself doing what is called a 2-point in Matrix Energetics.

For me, a Two point is simply a way to allow for a quantum shift in some appearance of reality. It consists of starting with a point, for me the starting point is often simply the compassionate field of the heart, choosing a second point that feels related (for me, usually a point on the other person if I’m doing a 2-point for the purpose of opening spiritual potential for a positive shift in someone else’s field) and then connecting the two points from a compassionate space of surrender.

I watched the older lady begin to straighten until she was almost standing upright, in a matter of seconds. I knew it was best not to dwell on the changed field for her so I looked away. In a few moments, I checked back and saw the caretaker rubbing the back of the older lady. Astonished, I watched what was, on the part of the caretaker, a loving gesture. The elderly lady began to shrink before my eyes until her back returned to it’s deeply bent former state.

This all happened in less than 5 minutes.

I knew what I was seeing was an agreement. For reasons I don’t know, and don’t need to know, the elderly lady and the caretaker were in this together. Perhaps, the elderly lady needed to be cared for more than she needed to be whole. Perhaps, the caretaker needed to be caring for her more than she needed to see her whole.

I don’t know. What I do know is that there was a spiritual agreement. And it kept both of them in a certain position, relative to each other and relative to their place in life.