Monsanto and GMO Foods

Is Monsanto Going to Destroy the World?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.”
Henry Kissinger

I have been seeing a flood of articles on facebook about genetically modified foods and Monsanto lately. That’s good. The more people really know about this company, the better. I don’t really believe in evil but certainly am aware that people may make evil choices. It’s no different with companies and Monsanto is making some of the most evil choices I can ever imagine.

The uproar over GMO’s is late in coming though, which was no doubt part of Monsanto’s plan. GMO seed fly on the wind to the next field and the next. By now, there’s no telling how much GMO crop there is in the field of the farmer just trying to make a living and provide food for the people. If Monsanto seed is found in the farmer’s field, that entire field of crop then belongs to Monsanto. So, the farmer is paying Monsanto because some of their demon spawn seed drifted into the farmer’s field.

It should be Monsanto’s responsibility to contain their crop and Monsanto should be paying damages to every single farmer whose land has been contaminated by Monsanto seed.

Furthermore, Monsanto should be paying every farmer who has lost seed, not in money but in heirloom seed to replace the seed that has been adulterated by fly-away genetically modified organisms.

Where are those lawsuits? Who is standing for the farmer in this monstrosity of a situation? It feels quite as if the courts have gone mad; that they are all in some kind of collective insanity. No reasonable, sane person would ever have passed down some of the judgements coming from our court system.

If Monsanto wins in their attempt to spread genetically modified organisms across America, we stand at risk for losing our ability to grow our own food outside the GMO seed bank. Who in their right mind, besides Monsanto, thinks this is a good idea?