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Did you catch the Dr. Oz show on skincare?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

This information aired on a Dr. Oz show

I happened to catch a Dr. Oz show last week, where he had a couple of plastic surgeons on, talking about antiaging and skin care secrets. I wrote down a few notes but you could visit the website, I’m sure, for the entire content.

Basically, they were saying that Vitamin C was vital for skin care, especially as women age. It helps keep the skin from sagging and keeps it healthy and more youthful due to antioxidants.

They recommend topical vitamin c rather than taking in a supplement, although taking vitamin c internally is also good for your overall health.

The guest speakers said to look for topicals with at least 3% vitamin c. I’d add to look for organic skin care with vitamin c, which they did not say.

Then, they talked about eating what looked like about an ounce of tomato paste twice a day, because it is concentrated and gives more lycopene than most people would ever get just from eating tomatoes.

Getting an electric skin exfoliator was another suggestion. I don’t recall them recommending a specific model but they did say to be gentle, not overdo and start just using it once or twice a week.

The skin care specialist Dr. Oz had on after the plastic surgeons put great emphasis on nutrition and diet and she suggested green salads 4 times a day, I think.

It was a high number of times she suggested the eating of greens every single day. She had some other suggestions too but that’s the main thing I remember.

Oh yeah, they also talked about phytoceramides, saying the FDA had recently approved this ingredient for OTC products. Very good for the skin and naturally derived from rice or sweet potatos. amazon has these and probably your local health food store would get them in for you, if they don’t stock them already.

It’s important to use the plant-based phytoceramides and not any sourced from animal products. There is one company that I’ve read a lot about, and respect the degree of research they put into their products.

If you’d like to try phytoceramides for your skin, I’d suggest checking out the Life Extension Brand