Is Your Mind Using You?

Using My Mind – Shifting from the Monkey Mind
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Exploring the proper use of mind and Cessation of Mind Chatter

What an amazing day it’s been. I’ve been round all corners of my self, noticing what’s there. There’s a LOT there … soul aspects I hadn’t seen, hadn’t explored. I’m so grateful for the spiritual trigger. Life hands me something and then all this stuff starts churning out of it … I often can’t see how massive the journey will be til I’m about half-way through an experience. Life is awesome. The challenges and chaos are all in my head! I run around in there and get lost a lot and then I remember, hey, I’m not my mind. I use my mind. Or it uses me.

Even when I realize my monkey mind has been using me, I still think wow, what an awesome experience, this thing called human life.

I literally saw my mind, the energetic part of my personality self, dragging me around from one frustrating, stressful choice to another because all it knows how to do is apply logic based on filters that have been created by my life experiences. Unless the soul aspect of me steps in with presence and refer the mind to the heart, I become something akin to a hamster on a wheel in my own life.