How Our Soul Leaves

Ever Wonder How your Soul Will Exit the Body When You Die?
Maybe this way …. What do you think?

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Korotkov Kirlian Photography Breakthrough?

A while back, I saw a video by Russian Scientist named Korotkov. According to Konstantin Korotkov, he had worked out a way to record the path that lifeforce, or soul, energy takes as it leaves the body at the moment of death.

I loved that Kirlian technology was being utilized to study the body functions from an energetic perspective.

Since then, the video has been debunked but I’m leaving the video up along with the debunking article so that my readers can make their own determinations

The Konstamtin Korotkov video filming human auras

The Debunking of Konstantin Korotkov soul leaving body videos

That being said … I have had the sad occasion of holding a baby rabbit at the very moment it expired. This is the only time I’ve had the whole of a being within my hands at the very moment of expiration, and I hope it’s the last. It seemed to me the Spirit of the rabbit left immediately and from all parts of the body simultaneously. I felt it’s Spirit go through me and out my head.

However, the particular situation may mess up the whole works as far as telling how the energy leaves the body at death. It may be that, because I was holding the rabbit and loving it at time of death, it may have changed the exit pattern. Very interesting stuff! Visit the site to see the kirlian photography before and during at moment of death.