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Down South Sisters Offers Christian and Spiritual Resources

Interesting perspective by spiritual blogger.

I used to link to an article called “When God Decides”. Since that time the blog, Down South Sisters, has closed. Sorry about the inconvenience. The article was about the realization that worry is like some kind of big cosmic joke. I get that.

My own monkey mind has it’s incessant chatter, especially during times of stress. It is kinda funny when I finally stop, release resistance to what is and surrender. All of a sudden, worry and stress over anything seems a little hilarious.

I love what she says that God says to her at such a time “I’ve got this.”

Yeah, God’s got this … whatever “this” is at the moment, and everything else too.

Relaxing into that truth.

Down South Sisters has some great spiritual books listed and at the time I visited, Debra Charles was giving away some important spiritual books to those who might not have the money to pay for them. I’m not sure if that offer is still valid but if so, it will be under the tab down the right side that says “Christian Store Book Giveaways”