Gratitude Affirmations

A Spiritual Discipline Worth Cultivating

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The First Thing I do Every Morning

Before my feet hit the floor, I take a moment each morning to speak out some things I am grateful for in my life.

Some mornings, it’s easy. I may have had a great day, the day before, or may have gotten some good news, some unexpected money, etc. Other mornings … let’s just say, it’s more like a chore than a joy to do it. Maybe I wake up with aching joints, or I didn’t sleep well, or the day holds a task or experience I dread. Those days, I may have to lay there a bit, and start with the obvious.

I’m grateful I’m alive.
I’m grateful I have a bed to sleep in and a roof over my head.
I’m grateful there’s food in the refrigerator.
I’m grateful I have a refrigerator.

If I get up and forget my gratitude affirmations, it’s back in the bed til I can come up with something.


Because to start the day in any other state but gratitude and a focus on what is good in my life, has proven repeatedly counter-productive. I do for Self-full reasons … every day I start this way is better than any day I start from less than a grateful Spirit.