Shifting Awareness Moment To Moment

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Reversing the Spiraling Down Feeling

In conversation with a fb friend this morning, she mentioned how it felt like her life was spiraling down, she felt alone, and she felt as if something had to change. The sense was urgent. I understand.

As the old system frays around the edges and starts it’s eventual collapse and rebirth, so many of us (myself included) an urgency for shifting. Many of us also feel very alone and our outer circumstances may seem to bear this out even though we know, on a spiritually higher level that we are never alone and help is always available for releasing worry, stress and doubt and gaining clarity. I can share how I’ve been handling it, when I have handled it best.

I have stopped saying anything negative or judging anything as negative in my life. I accept that, sometimes, the ego or personality self has to grind to a halt or feel as if it is spiraling down, for total spiritual surrender and trust to be reestablished.

I have developed a habit of saying everything I’m grateful for, each morning before I let my feet hit the floor. If I forget, I go back to bed and do it before starting my day. Sometimes, I have to start with “I’m grateful I slept last night” or “I’m grateful I have food in the refridgerator”.

If I feel worry or stress thoughts creeping in (and they do, quite often), I find something beautiful to look at or something that will make me laugh.

I shift myself, in hundreds of tiny ways, every day and the intent is always to bring myself more fully into the present moment in a state of joy. Whatever helps me do that, moment to moment, has the most value for me.