Everyone is an extra in someone else’s movie

Acting On the Set Called Life
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Consciously On the Set of My Life

I just had an spiritual epiphany of sorts, thanks to an fb friend and my recent stint doing background work in films. For those unfamiliar with that term, background, atmosphere talent or extras are those folks you see behind and around the main characters in a film or tv show. The background fill out the background of a scene, literally, so that it looks more real.

OMG. Isn’t it just like life… how many times do I relegate someone else in the same space with me to the role of a background character … I’m shifting that today. Every person I pass has a magnificent life they are living. It’s time to witness it, all the time. Yes, some are peripheral in my path, just as I am peripheral in theirs. That doesn’t mean they don’t make my “life set” more real just by their presence. That has value!

Back from Walmart, testing out this idea of noticing the background players. Marvelous experience. Absolutely marvelous. Such admiration and appreciation for the background players in my life and new appreciation for my own role in the background of others. How we enrich the set of life for each other!!!!

A lot of other amazing things happened with grace and ease during that Walmart excursion, very different than my typical trip into this particular chain.

After I started focusing on everyone in my path as significant today, and walked into Walmart, I had a marvelous experience in grace and ease.

I had broken both pairs of glasses. I sat on one pair and stepped on the other while trying to fix the pair I sat on. HA! Anyway, in this Spirit of valuing every encounter, I went to the vision shop where a delightful lady fixed both pairs in about 5 minutes. While standing there, I noticed they have an $8 frame deal. Never knew. The fella behind the counter, also delightful, filled me in so I can get new glasses if I wish too. Next step, get the names of the atmosphere talent next time!

And as an aside, when an “extra” in a film gets “bumped up” to a more visible role, they are called a featured extra … or may even become a principle if the bump includes speaking lines. So here, both of these background extras got a bump on my set and became principles. And they both rose to the occasional magificently. They had real talent!

Then, a more amazing miracle. I have not been Walmart’s biggest fan, due to their selling so many products containing MSG. As I walked down the aisle to look once more at the yogurt, never having found my favorite there before, there it was. Stoneyfield organic greek yogurt, superfruits flavor, and 50 cents cheaper than I’d been paying at Ingles. I LOVE this way of playing on the set of life, the biggest movie any of us will ever make.

On my way back, I got behind a brand new white garbage truck. Amazingly, it turned down my street in front of me. I watched as the huge robotic arm reached out and hoisted big cans of garbage, neatly depositing them in the back of the truck without the drivers having to lift a finger. I gazed up at the top of the truck and saw the words NEW WAY.

The new way. Those of us who used to call ourselves lightworkers, or spiritual warriors, have been speaking of this new way for some time now. A way that is delightfully different than the hard path of spiritual awakening that many of us have gone through.

The shiny white garbage truck was an awesome reminder of the New Way for me … and on a practical leve, I had forgot to put my garbage out for that easy pick up and take-away so was able to let go of some stuff that would have sat around for another week otherwise.