Unexplained Mouth Swelling

Lips or mouth swelling for no reason?
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Sorbitol Allergies Appearing in an Unexpected Way

I’ve done an entire series on my website on MSG and other food additives that have caused me and many others physical distress and allergic reaction.

I knew, from ingesting products that contain it, that sorbitol causes very uncomfortable side effects. However, I recently discovered that it isn’t just sorbitol in foods that can affect me adversely.

I watched a video on youtube about a product called Plax, that is supposed to help remove dental tartar. I wanted to try it so I got some and used Plax for a few days. I started noticing that my lips were looking bigger, as if I’d had botox. Then, the tissue under my lips, down toward the chin, started swelling. Since the issue was n my mouth, I looked at what I was dong differently that might have caused it.

There were two potentials. I was taking a detox product that helps detox heavy metals so this could have caused swelling since I do have amalgam fillings. I stopped using that.

Then, I remembered the Plax and I took a look at the ingredients. Sorbitol. Stopped using it immediately. It took about 3 days after I stopped using Plax for the swelling to go down.

After a couple of weeks, I tried the Plax again because I needed to know if it was the detox formula or the Plax that had caused the swelling. It was the Plax. No doubt about it this time.

So, if you notice unexplained mouth swelling, check any recently added dental products that might contain sorbitol.