Gratitude Affirmations Challenge

Some days I just don’t feel grateful …
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Getting Into the Gratitude Mode

I’ve been doing gratitude affirmations every morning, before my feet hit the floor, for a long time now.

Some mornings, it’s easier than others.

This morning, I woke a little burdened by life and my situation. I struggled to feel grateful. Then, I remembered Tony Robbin’s words, from one of his “Get the Edge” cds about those times when you might not be in a grateful state of mind due to worry, or stress, or whatever.

“What could you be grateful for, if you wanted to be grateful?”

I immediately remembered reading a report from one of the journalists in the Philippines, documenting the typhoon and trying to help with recovery there. He was reporting on how many people did not have roofs on their buildings and were having to sleep out in open weather, in tropical rain.

So … I’m grateful to have a roof, I thought as I looked up at the ceiling.

Then …

I’m grateful to have a bed, cover, a heater, electricity, a phone, food, a computer, etc. It came pouring out of me then, all that I had to be grateful for this morning. So, if you don’t feel grateful, that’s just human sometimes but maybe Tony Robbin’s words might help you get in the gratitude frequency …

“What could you be grateful for, if you wanted to be grateful?”

Thanks Tony!