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My own dance with life has landed me on the dance floor with some amazing folks, some of whom actually dance in the physical sense, as dancers. It is not my gift. I love to freestyle to music but often flounce like a rhino in a tutu, ha. Susan Grace is a spiritually potent teacher and example of new world living and being. Physically, she is water to my rhino on any literal dance floor and if you ever get a chance to see her dance, I’d recommend the experience.

Beyond dancing on a physical level, Susan also dances in etheric realms with more grace and ease than almost anyone I know. I’m a far more graceful partner on those dance floors, ha. We’ve had so many wonderful etheric spins around the cosmic dance floor of life and I’m so gratefu to have danced through some of my own toughest challenges with Susan as witnessful support.

Her artpieces are potent activators and/or affirmations for those on a spiritually aware path and her new book, Where Do I Belong, carries the vibrational energy of fearless transformation. I highly recommend whatever services, workshops or other tools Susan may be offering at the time. Susan is also a tremendously gifted photographer and can find the unique and beautiful in any environment. Tell her Neva sent ya!

Please check her website, Light Night of the Soul, for more information. Dance on! Note: website temporarily down but contact me here for contact info.

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