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Just Learned About Human Design … Wild!
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Generators in Human Design

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an HD expert. I am sharing my own journey of the past few years, into the 6/3 Generator Profile experience. If you have positive information to add, please contact me. I’m happy to be educated on points that are still unclear to me. If you have negative information to share, please keep it to yourself. And if you think this post is just mind games, feel very free to just move on. Thanks.

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My friend, Susan Grace, has been mentioning something called “Human Design” for years now. I just figured it was some kind of astrology or numerology thing and I’d pretty much learned all I was interested in from those structures. I guess it just wasn’t time for me to look at this wild and strange thing called Human Design.

When I finally did, a lot of it made sense. Some of it is still very strange to me. Based on your exact birthdate, time and location of birth plus a period 3 months prior (when the soul is said to enter the body), Human Design is based on this concept that we consciously came into our lives with a specific design. When we follow our design, life flows for us. When we don’t follow it, life doesn’t flow and we encounter mostly our “non-self” theme.

When I saw the non-self theme of the Human Design 6/3 Generator profile, I about fell off my seat. It’s frustration. If there’s one emotion I’ve felt more than any other in this life, that would be it. If Human Design is true, then, I’ve been living outside my design for most of my life. That part made sense, felt true.

In Human Design, a generator does not initiate. A Generator does not make things happen or try to make things happen or NEED to make things happen. Instead, Generators possess a radiating aura that draws to them what is in highest alignment, provided they act from their authority. Wow. I most certainly have spent most of my life trying to make things happen, trying to be a manifester. That part made sense, felt true. I also seldom asked if I got a yes, no, or maybe on anything. I decided beforehand what I wanted and then follwed anything that remotely looked (logically, from the mind perspective) as if it might lead me where I wanted to go.

A 6/3 Generator has some elements that also resonated, though I didn’t really want to admit it. I have had a challenge, all my life, with Trust and with alternating between being around people and wanting to be alone or “go up on the roof” as they put it in Human Design lingo. Learning to trust and finding those relationships open and flexible enough to allow the coming down from the roof and the going back up, that’s a major exploration for the 6/3 generator.

The three stages of a generator made sense to me too, in context of my own life experience. The first 30 years are usually very much about trial and error. Wow. Yes. Exploring what works and doesn’t work with a passion exceeding those around me.

The second stage, retreating to the roof, coming back down, attempting to find that balance between being in the world and not in it and between martyr and role model energy. That’s the phase I’m just coming out of now and I recognize it, clearly.

I’m in the third stage of my design now, and if Human Design holds as much truth for my future as I can see reflected in the linear time past of this incarnation, I’m about to come into my own. Whew. About time.

I admit to knowing very little about Human Design beyond what I’ve read and some advice I’ve picked up from generous HD folks willing to share with me.

John Martin shared a biggie with me when he said I’d never again get to feel into anything. Really, John, that’s all I’ve ever known. However, with an undefined emotional center, I have apparently been feeling those around me. No wonder my decisions based on feelings seemed to result in such a wild ride of chaos.

I can’t find a single thing on the Left Angle Cross of Alignment, which is part of my profile. I have a feeling that piece would enable the completion of a large chunk of my personal life puzzle.

Generators are designed to Respond in the moment, not initiate. Damn. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is NOT intiate. However, looking at my life up to now, I’m acutely aware that initiating all the time hasn’t provided me with the life I want… my life isn’t what I know in my Heart it could be. I’m willing to give this responding thing a try… if I can keep from going insane long enough, that is.

If you are intriqued by this thing called Human Design, you can get a free chart at any of several websites on the internet. They just give you basic info and don’t go into detail but there are also some interesting videos on youtube. Just google your profile and you’ll find em.

If your Human Design is also Generator, there are two videos in particular that I have found helpful. John Martin, mentioned earlier, is from Hawaii and has an impish and fun quality that I enjoy. I liked his video on generators and there’s also one from Human Design founder, Ra Uru Hu. Ra is downright dour about the 6/3 Generator profile, in particular. He says we can never, ever, ever make a decision because we don’t know how. Given the context of what I’ve learned so far, he may be right in that there is no decision for a Generator to make. There is only noticing what the authority says. Yes or no. He does give hope at the end of the cycle though, for finally living a life that doesn’t ping pong from roof to world through painful bumps.

I’ve provided links below. It’s fascinating, this human design business. There’s a whole health system that goes with it too but, like the left angle cross of alignment, I can’t find much info on the health program.

Human Design Videos:
John Martin on Generator Aura Type
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