Sri Kumare – Hoax or Path of Self-Discovery?

A Fake Guru Transforms in his own Pretense
How to Find Your Spiritual Teacher It may be easier than you think!

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by Neva J. Howell

I’m watching a video about a New Jersey fella who pretended to be a guru named Kumare. It is striking to me how the experiment, the pretense, changed HIM. I well recall the first time I heard the words “Act as if” as an actor … and as a manifestation tool. What if we all acted as if we were our Highest and most Optimal self in the world? I wonder how that would change us, even if it felt like the biggest lie in the beginning. I loved the part where he visited Urantia. Sitting next to the guru there, Kumare seemed more genuine. Hilariously paradigm-breaking. It is a real mind warp for me so I told my mind to hush and just follow his Kumare journey.

I’m fascinated during the one meditation where “Kumare” actually feels the blue light he thought he was making up. Or maybe he made it up. Maybe it’s all made up, all these spiritual practices and ideas about what is in the field of potential. Maybe it’s all a matter of personal interpretation and none of the big spiritual movements, practices or spiritual teachers have the Truth of it.

I loved how Kumare constantly told people he was a fake guru. Sri Kumare told his followers repeatedly that he was a fake, an illusion. For me, the biggest lesson is that it is all illusion. Fill in the blank … _______ is an illusion.

From Kumare:

“This whole thing is a big trick”.

“You do not need a guru.”

“I am only the same as everyone here and everyone here has become my greatest gurus.”

So the blue light …. illusion? a representation of spiritual energy and potential? Both? Neither? It’s irrelevant to me. If blue light is there and it shifts me in a positive way, I trust the result.

I loved the moment when Vikram is supposed to unveil, to tell his followers who he really is and that Kumare is a fake guru. He does not do it. Afterwards he says that he realized he had connected more deeply with those people as Kumare than he ever had with anyone as Vikram Gandi.

There’s a TED talk from Vikram Gandi talking about the Kumare experiment after the fact. It’s fascinating as well. He starts out with the ooh-ahh-a’ chant that he made up. The audience laughs as he talks about merchandising the symbol.