Clean Energy When?

Clean energy is not an option now; it’s our only hope
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Fracking, Fukushima and Cows, Oh My!

It’s a challenge to get on facebook or watch news or talk to my friends these days because it seems like every day brings another story of negligence, greedy nonchalance or abuse that ends up polluting our earth.

If it isn’t fracking in Colorado, it’s chemical spills in West Virginia. Or Nestle’ and other bottled water corporations draining our natural and beautiful bodies of water and selling it back to us, bottle by unregulated bottle.

If it isn’t a nuclear meltdown that poses a GLOBAL threat, it’s the greed and conspicuous consumption of beef, leading to massive herds devouring grasslands and producing more greenhouse gasses than automobiles as well as enough ammonia to create acid rain.

If it isn’t cows destroying our fields, it’s Monsanto with frankenseed that has been proven to cause all kinds of health issues with animals. Do we think humans will be any different? Look at the massive increase in gluten allergies and colon issues such as irritable bowel since 1999 when GMO’s became commonly available.

If we aren’t focused on developing clean energy resources now, when will we be so focused? How much abuse can the earth take and still come back?

What can we do against such a massive onslaught of pollution and abuse?

Here’s some simple steps:

1. Stop drinking bottled water, period.
2. Stop eating beef.
3. Sign every petition that comes your way, that says to congress that we want clean energy NOW.
4. Spend time with the earth, in prayerful energetic support of her.
5. Support merchants selling organic and non-gmo products.
6. Grow your own food from heirloom seed in a protected space where frankenseed cannot blow in and contaminate the crop.
7. Support farmers who want to sue Monsanto for adulterating their heirloom crops with frankenseed.
8. Install solar panels at your home and office.

Monsanto should be sued by every farmer whose crop has been so damaged. Instead, the opposite is being allowed. Monsanto is suing any farmer unlucky enough to have had frankenseed blow into their field. It’s happening so often that it makes one wonder if Monsanto is planting right next to heirloom fields for that very reason.