Cane Sugar Heart Palpitations

An Unexpected Possible Source of Heart Palpitations
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Organic Cane Sugar Side Effect

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I started having heart palpitations a few days ago. Whenever I notice a new symptom in my life, I first check in spiritually to see if I’m going through some sort of acceleration or awakening. It didn’t seem to be the case this time so I then looked at physical causes. What had I recently added?

There were only two things. One was an organic probiotics formula and the other was organic cane sugar. I had been searching for an alternative to stevia, which irritates my colon (especially if it contains erythritol) or just tastes bad, depending on the formula. I came across some organic raw cane sugar and decided to try it. The palipitations started that day. I’d been taking the probiotics for a day earlier so I leaned more toward thinking it was the sugar at this point.

On researching online, I did indeed find reference to someone developing heart palpitations from cane sugar on the website forums. I also found reference to afib happening from ingesting fructose, in those allergic to it. Not sure if I saw that on the above website or somewhere else but if you google fructose heart palpitations you should find it.

The organic probiotics formula I am using contains Fructooligosaccharide … is this a form of fructose? Well, not sure. It’s made of “fructose molecules” and is called oligofructose so it doesn’t take a chemist to know it must be in the fructose family.

OK, so back to the drawing board for a good alternative sweetener. Agave messes with my blood sugar levels, organic or not, and aspartame, xylitol or splenda are DEFINITELY off my dinner table. Ironically, the one sweetener my body tolerates is saccharin. Sweet’n’low.

Anyway, I’m posting my experience in case there is someone else out there looking for an explanation for unexplained heart palpitations.

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