Is Manifesting the Best Word?

Creating your own reality / Manifesting what you want

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Exploring the Construct Called Manifesting

I’ve spent most of my adult life believing that I create my own reality and that I can manifest anything I want. These were very comforting constructs for a person who had felt entirely powerless and at the mercy of others during her entire childhood. It also gave great hope to a person growing up in poverty.

The construct is fracturing and may be entirely falling apart for me. I’m 58 years old now and, as I look back on my accomplishments, I have some. Yes. But at what cost to my health, emotions and Spirit? Most of what I’ve accomplished through the construct of manifesting has not come easy. No doubt, there are those who would argue that the opposite has been true for them. They may have grabbed hold of the paradigm presented in The Secret or The Law of Attraction and ran with it, finding that it worked in the material plane very well. I am not one of those. For me, it has not worked.

What is working is surprising. I’ve noticed that what I’m looking for shows up with the most ease when I’m in a grateful, joyful and prayerful place. So … I am striving to stay in such a place as much as I can! Actually, I wanta rephrase that first sentence .. as long as I’m looking, seeking outside myself for something, almost nothing happens. What I meant by “looking” is being aware of my environment in the present moment and noticing when something that serves me has appeared. That always happens with the most ease when I am grateful, joyful and prayerful.

Is it possible to live life without a to do list or plans, and yet have everything I would have put on that list or every plan I would have made come effortlessly to fruition without my mind? Without any push? Without any energy I would call “manifesting”? I’m finding it could be true.

After a lifetime, literally, of pushing dreams up big hills and being so tired when I finally achieved them that I couldn’t enjoy them, I’ve stopped pushing. I’ve stopped reaching. I am still.