Harvesting Spiritual Truth

Are You Throwing the Baby Out with the Bathwater?
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Harvesting Spiritual Truth in Unlikely Places

How iI’ve learned is by looking for the truth in whatever I see. Throwing the spiritual baby out with the bathwater isn’t something I do, I don’t think I do anyway. My choices when i meet new information, regardless of source:

1. Take what makes sense for my path
2 Leave those teachings that seem to have some energy but that I’m not clear on; I just leave those teachings on the consiousness table for later consideration
3. Let it drop away if it doesn’t make sense for me

Even scientology, which I used to fear and think was the biggest cult …. and it is … when I read some of what L. Ron Hubbard wrote, away from the scientology church members and vibe, there is a lot that makes sense to me.

Anything that feels cultish to me, I pass by while taking grains of truth from the teacher. I figure it crossed my path for some reason so, instead of just tossing the whole thing out on it’s ear, I’ll see if there’s a gift for me.

Gurus have always felt cultish, not necessarily because of them but because of the followers who so often give up their own internal guidance and depend entirely on an outside source.

While each of our Lighted Souls may shine into the path of the other, no one can design or describe my path except me, the unique individuation of Spirit in form that is Neva Joan Howell this time around.