Expiration date on MMS? Shelf Life of Master Mineral Supplement

How long is Jim Humble’s chlorine dioxide formula good?
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Master Mineral Supplement, formerly Miracle Mineral Supplement Expiration Dates

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If you are using the activated sodium chlorite that used to be called Miracle Mineral Supplement, you may be wondering how long the product is good to use. Is there any expiration date for MMS? I honestly never thought about it til I got a call from a lady who asked me if she could still use the MMS after two years.

I told her honestly that I did not know. I’m using MMS that I bought around 2 years ago but I can’t tell anyone else it’s safe to do that. I referred the lady to Jim Humble’s website because I did not have time to research the question when she called and felt certain someone on the website would have addressed this question by now.

It’s important to remember we’re talking about two products. The sodium chlorite is activated with citric acid or some other activator. So the shelf life of the two different components that make up the Master Mineral Supplement may be different too.

I went over to one of the MMS forums later to see what readers were saying. I noticed that most say activated MMS should be used within 7 days but I had trouble finding info on how long it stays active in the bottle, unactivated. I did read that the main criteria for determining potency would be color. When activated, good MMS will turn a dark brown or orange color.

Interestingly enough, I also read the sodium chlorite could be frozen. This might answer the question of those wondering if they can order more than one bottle and be able to use the second or third bottle before it loses potency. The poster seemed to indicate that it could be stored indefinitely if frozen. I’d try to verify that with someone in the company before I purchased a huge order of MMS.

If you choose to order this product for approved use as a superior water purification additive, choose a vendor that tests for heavy metals, offers glass containers and non-leaching lids.

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