Mindful Decision Making

Making Decisions in a mindful manner
Mindfulness Exercise

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Mindful ain’t about the mind

It’s the mind that gets me most in trouble.

If I think that “mindful” means using the mind, I’m in trouble already. Mindful means awareness, in a full body, full sensory apparatus way.

I am mindful when I am praying as my feet hit the pavement, when I am feeling the sense of it without interpretation, without “ok, left foot hitting pavement. ok, right foot hitting pavement. Oh, puddle.”

The moment I get into the what of it, I lose the now of it.

It’s the same in my life. As long as my focus is on the feel of the experience interacting with all I AM, I am in the flow of the moment. As soon as I shift to why I am feeling what I’m feeling or what the other factors mean, such as what the other person or persons are feeling, thinking or wanting to have happen in the moment, I move out of flow and into some kind of mind game.

In this now, I want to choose the experience rather than the analysis of the experience.