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Taking Action as a Signal to the Universe
Spiritual Surrender

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Doing Something Even If It’s Wrong

Have you ever been at that point in your life where nothing at all seems to be happening? It can be extremely frustrating, specially if your Human Design profile is generator or manifesting generator. What’s that song… “the waiting is the hardest part.”

If you don’t know about human design, that’s cool too. It is helping me understand how I function as a spiritual and physical being but what I’m talking about doesn’t require knowledge of HD.

In the past, I have thought “wait thou on the Lord” meant literally to wait. To not do anything at all. When the pressure of not doing got so strong, I’d land on that “do something, even if it’s wrong” impulse.

And it usually was wrong, in the sense that whatever action I took from that space ended up being non-progressive or out of alignment. I don’t use the words right and wrong much any more… however… it continues to be important to me that I choose progressive and aligned action.

It’s the thinking that precedes action that has repeatedly tripped me up. Taking action, any action, is not necessarily progressive or non-progressive on it’s own. For me, it’s been this idea that I HAD to do something NOW, even when nothing aligned or progressive appeared to be possible that I have allowed to shove me into situations far too “not me.”

Practical example – finding a job that would provide income. In the past, the unconscious mindset I carried was that I could always find a job but it would probably be something that would not feed me creatively or spiritually. It would be boring and maybe tedious but it would pay the bills. I would be settling.

Of course, any action I take from that mindset will be non-progressive and misaligned with the ultimate truth of me. What I’ve found interesting is the discovery of action without predictive analysis, strictly as a message to the universe that I’m ready to take action.

Example: I went out to find any “job” yesterday after looking for over a year for a creative alternative, for some creative, fun, enjoyable work. The difference was that I was aware that I was taking action to stimulate movement, not necessarily to take whatever job I applied for. Big shift.

When I got home from applying and interviewing with a job that would pay the bills but held absolutely no creative juice for me, I once again checked all the job sites I’ve been regularly checking for over a year now.

To my amazement, there were two new listings I’d never seen before and both were entirely specific to what brings me joy. I applied for both. It may be that I don’t get either position. That’s not what’s important in this exploration I’m conducting. Action stimulates action. It’s the attachment to results that I am releasing in the action, and just trusting that what is stimulated by non-attached exploration will be more in alignment with what I want.