Breast Cancer and MMS

Master Mineral Supplement Ancedotal User Report on Breast Cancer
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Master Mineral Supplement Users Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Disclaimer: This is a record of results reported by people who used Jim Humble’s Master Mineral Supplement. These types of personal reports are considered ancedotal and not proof that something works in case of an illness. If you came here looking for the product, I recommend MMS from this source

This information is NOT from a medical study, these results are NOT backed by scientific study. The FDA has issued a strong warning about this product. I used to link the to the warning on the FDA site but it has since been moved or deleted. I cannot find it now but basically, they were calling MMS bleach.

In the interest of both sides of an issue, I am sharing the personal stories of people who used MMS and credit the product with helping their body heal breast cancer. This information is not presented as any replacement for medical testing, evaluation or treatment. I believe there have been enough of these stories that it at least bears considering. I hope that medical studies are one day done, to test the efficacy of MMS.

I’ve removed all names to protect the privacy of the people who are telling their stories. Some are annonymous anyway, out of fear from the FDA.

Ancedotal Stories from MMS Users:

#1. Last night we met our dear mother — at Zurich airport, returning from 3 weeks treatment from you at your clinic. It is impossible to put into words how much we appreciate all you have done for her. It goes much further now, as we are about to have —‘s 7th grandchild. Through Jim’s & your work of constantly “swimming against the tide” in this mad, mad world ruled by greed instead of need, you are creating a legacy of hope & love as opposed to misery & fear.

One month ago there was pressure from family & friends to go & have her breast removed, followed by Chemo & Radio therapy, after which I watched my own mother die horribly 32 years ago. This morning — shoveled snow from the paths around her house completely healthy, happy & whole.
We want to express to you from the deepest recesses of our hearts…
Wishing you Love & Light
—, — & our unborn child.

#2. We had another woman from Macedonia that had her tumor reduced significantly in 3 weeks and was diagnosed as having “no cancer” cells left in her breast tumor! We are just waiting for the tumor to dissolve completely.

Note: She is also diabetic and injecting insulin 4 times daily. Now, she is down to 2 doses a day and her blood sugar is fine! We are backing her off slowly and expect to have her off all insulin in a month!!

#3. We had a local Bulgaria woman come about 5 weeks ago with 6 tumors in her breast. One of the left side and 5 on the right side. After 4 weeks, she has only one left and it is very small!

#4. — was originally diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of just 26. It quickly spread to her bones, hips, spine and lung. Her liver was in bad shape also.
Four weeks ago she was confined to bed, had to urinate in a glass bottle, and weighed only 45 kg.

On October 3rd 2007 was a black day for the family. She had not eaten for 3 days and her doctor met with the family and said they needed to make a decision as to whether to pull the feed tubes out of her or not. She had 2 – 3 week to live. In emergency hospital, the family had arranged her funeral and cemetery plot she started on the MMS and 10 days later the cancer markers continued to increase but her strength and energy started to return. She was walking and even drove a short distance around the paddock at her parents Park.

It is now November 1st 2007 and her cancer markers are on the way down, falling even 40 points in the past week and still falling (Measuring her CA.15-3 scores). She is driving better than she was 6 months ago, She has no pain, is able to dress herself, her kidneys and liver are in better condition. Is now sleeping and walking better than 4 months ago.

Her Doctor saw her last week and simply could not believe how well she looked. She has no pain and has reduced all of her medications. — and her family acknowledge God’s leading and provision of her treatment and the timing of it all at deaths door. Yes it is early days but she is 6 months ahead of where she was just 4-5 weeks ago.

— has a good diet of vegetable juices, berries and raw foods which help enormously in keeping her body alkaline as well as nourishing her cells to re-build stronger and healthier**. There is no doubt that the MMS in this case has been foundational in cleansing the body of pathogens, mold, fungus, viruses and bacteria that have been so prolific and allowing the cancer to grow and spread.?** She practices the 8 natural health laws: Nutrient, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in God? — (—‘s Mum) Warrigal Victoria

#5. Hello. My name is —, today is a special day for me, I’ve been suffering from cancer 3 years, it all started with left breast cancer, I had my surgery and chemotherapy and radiotherapy was given as well. At 6 months, the cancer had metastasized into the neck and right axilla. Again I did chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did not help. Three months later the doctor tells me that I still have cancer cells. This time he said that he could only can give a mild chemo and that I would live only about three years.

I know from the start all the doctors were wrong, but I will not go into this topic., began my search with the help of my mother, with a firm commitment to get MMS in my life. I have been taking mms, a little over six weeks, and today I hear from the nurse whom I have known for so long going to the hospital told me that do not appear to have malignant cells in the ganglia of the neck or armpit, I have even in the mediastinum, but on a scale of 1 to 10 is a good news 4.This and intuitive as my body has experienced, inflammation, plurito, redness, and blemishes.

I’M HEALING, thank God, MMS, go ahead, I still have some way to go, but GOD ACCOMPANYING ME. —
Note: This is how the letter was written.

#6. Thank you! — enjoyed talking with you, even with us living in Rio de Janeiro is kind of rare the opportunity to talk with some body in good English. The MMS is not for us, it is for my brother, he is taking MMS already and he is getting better. The doctor said he will leave the hospital next Friday. Two weeks ago, before he started with the MMS, the doctor made very clear that my brother was going to die. He got a virus in the medulla and it was paralyzing his body, starting in the legs. I asked my sister to start to give him MMS without telling to the doctor. In that point my brother was not walking and he was not able to talk much. He was in fever every day. In a couple days drinking MMS, 3 drops every 2 hours, 8 times a day. The fever was gone, he start to eat, I was able to talk with him on the phone and his voice was sound very good. Last week the Doctor got some results of exams witch shows the virus got paralyzed. My mother had breast cancer 4 years ago and she got one breast removed. — told me about the MMS. And I told mom about it. And she decided do not to do the chemo therapy and just to use the MMS. Every year she do exams and it comes all ok. She is very well. Thank you, —, Sprague

#7. Landed in Kenya Africa with 1 bottle of MMS. Prayed for a meeting with a sick Malaria sufferer. Found him an 82yo in a hut in Siaya. High fever and weak from 40 years of chronic malaria. So weak I gave him just 6 drops activated with lemon juice. It was 5pm. 2 hours later he retired. I woke him at 7am. His forehead was cool, no sweats or shivers. He said, “I am healed.” He suffered no attacks until his death aged 84.

We are giving my dying sister 2 drops in 10 of activator with 100mls of Apple Juice (No Vitamin C) 4 times first day. We will double the dose to 4 drops 4x day tomorrow. She is semi-conscious and in an advanced stage of breast, bone and liver cancer. Day 1 she sat up and ate custard!