Only You Can Prevent Monsanto Fires

Boycott Roundup and GM Foods
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Glyphosate Responsible for Renal Failure Spikes, Gluten Sensitivities and More, New Research Strongly Suggests

Roundup and Renal Failure
Roundup and Gluten Intolerance

Do you use Roundup? Great, isn’t it? Really kills those weeds dead, doesn’t it? Ever wonder what else it might be harming?

Monsanto has touted glyphosate as a harmless way for weed control since it introduced Roundup to the agricultural community. The same Monsanto lobbyists and PR folk have said GM foods can feed the world, and are as safe as non-GMO foods.


Sometimes, there is no other word that will work. GMO seeds self-terminate and destroy heirloom seeds in their vicinity. GM foods will feed Monsanto and their stock-holders. GMO foods will allow a company to control the food supply of the United States.

From everything I’ve read, it is obvious to me that Monsanto knew the fight they would be up against to bring these products out and so they appear to have very deliberately and I’m sure at great expense entered the production market with a terrific lobbying and legal team.

How else are farmers now being sued if a GM seed blows into their field?

How else is such a travesty happening unless slickly orchestrated from the beginning.

GM and Roundup were brought to market fully armed with the concept of and legal preparation for using the law to protect them.

The best way to stop them now is to stop buying GMO products, period. However, since GM foods are almost 100 percent of foods that the poor can afford (corn, soy and now potatos), how do they stop buying them? Most of the impoverished families I know shop where food is cheapest and that means corn, soy lecithin and GMO sugar beets sugar in everything they buy.

So, as has happened in many countries already, GMO’s must be banned in the United States. Will it happen quickly enough to save the United States food supply? I’m praying so and using my voice as often as possible toward a ban of everything Monsanto is responsible for on this planet.