Off the Roof; Bumping Into Things

A Human Design Generator on Coming Down Off the Roof

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Sore this morning from bumping into things and people

I’m new to Human Design. My profile is 6/3 Generator.

Backing up a bit to my late 50’s, I was just becoming more familiar with what that meant and I understood it was the third phase of my life in Human Design terms. The time for me to step into a role model position and share the gifts of my life experience with others. I did not want to do it. I resisted it. Resistance cost me a great deal.

I came close to leaving the planet from mold exposure. I was unconsciously trying to stay in a house (on the roof; out of the world) til I died, rather than go back out into the world to be bumped around again. I got the message but it took nearly dying to move me out of that house and into another sort of roof environment.

At that point, I’m convinced as an act of grace, I was offered a conversation with John Martin. The message came again in his own no-nonsense style. I was told, in no sugar-coated terms, that I either had to come down off the roof at this point in my life or leave the planet.


So, down off the roof I came. Damn.

I’ve bumped into and been bumped into… a lot.

At first, I thought the collective consciousness was just in a wonky space. Maybe solar flares. Maybe mercury retrograde.

Then, I faced the truth. I was being bumped into so often because I was repeatedly entering situations incorrectly. Ouch. That hurt more than the bumping into things and people had.

I was doing it to myself.

If you are new to Human Design, you may not know the term “coming down off the roof”. In my reality, it means getting back out into the world consciously after a period of retreat, usually brought about by bumping into things and people to the point of needing recuperative time alone.

My profile, according to all I’ve read so far, tends to go up and down off the roof more than most. Yet, at my linear time age, the pivotal window of opportunity of staying off the roof more than I’m on it, has arrived.

Some days, like yesterday, I feel quite unequal to the challenge.

If you want to learn more about Human Design, I recommend the videos of John Martin. The video I’ve linked is about Generators but he also has many other videos about other Human Design Profiles. John Martin offers sessions too, for those wanting to learn more about their profile. Don’t expect to be coddled but do expect to laugh out loud at least once or twice.

At the end of a VERY long day yesterday, I pondered my bruises. The common denominator, of course, was me. Because there had been such a wide range of bumps, it should have been easy to see that I hadn’t been responding to any type of planetary chaos but internal chaos.

The thing common to every incident was this: I entered incorrectly, meaning I entered from the mind (I literally made a decision after thinking I needed to rather than sensing if I needed to do so) or a knee-jerk reaction to something, which was most likely coming from someone around me since I have an open head, ego and root.

I did not get a sacral “YES” on anything. I was NOT responding from my sacral. I couldn’t find a solid “uh huh” or “un uh” anywhere, mainly because I was responding to the pressure to respond rather than being able to wait.

Today, I’m being very timid with my world, not back on the roof but definitely slowing down my busy mind and paying more attention to sacral response.