There will be people

There will be people who don’t understand

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Walking Your Truth Means Being Misunderstood

I’m up against it again.

Those moments when I am in my Truth and others don’t get it, won’t get it or can’t get it. Over the years, these moments have become less because I have become more particular about those with whom I share myself.

However, it still happens.

Someone tries to meet me where I used to be. Oh. I’m not there anymore. Haven’t been for eons, or a second. Sometimes, same difference.

So, I say “I am not there any more; I am not anywhere near there anymore.”

They say oh, but there is where we found you and there is where we need you to be, for consistency, for us to believe in you, for us to think you are credible or substantial in the work.



Moved on.

It hurts but I know what is hurting is an echo of an ego attachment to identity. Living with that as gently as I can, moment to moment.

Of course, I also freeze people where they last were at times. Most of the time, it is an effort to feel I have some sense of stability. If they hurt me, then I prepare to be hurt again. It’s a defense mechanism of the lower mind. It is a survival mechanism.

I also do it out of a need to control my reality. If I think, ok, that’s the way that person is, then I feel equipped to deal with them.

When it happens to me, as it did today, it gives me an opportunity to turn the mirror on myself and to be aware of ways I may be looking at someone from the past. I read (sorry, can’t recall source but I think it was a Tolle book) about a teacher who instructed his student to forget he’d ever known him when they parted for the day. That way, the student would not arrive the next day with an image of his teacher from the past.

We grow and evolve, every moment of every day. Giving each other the freedom to be born again, an entirely new creature, is a great blessing.