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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Where to Find Quality MMS

I’ve written several articles about Jim Humble’s chlorine dioxide mix, called MMS. I’ve also used it and noticed benefit. If you found this page because you are wanting to try MMS, you may also be aware that the FDA has issued a strong warning about internal use of this product. At this moment, it is being sold as a potent water purifier,

If you are considering using MMS,you should know there are a lot of copycats out there. Because MMS is easy to make, and it is such a popular product, many are making it in ways that are not aligned with the process Jim Humble uses. Some may contain heavy metals. Others may contain sodium chlorate. You don’t want either one in your MMS.

Please do your homework before purchase. I currently have Keavy’s Corner MMS because of information on their website. According to the site, their MMS is made to exact specifications and each batch is tested to be sure the Chlorine Dioxide level and weight are correct. The Keavy’s Corner MMS is filtered to one micron and packaged in HDPE containers. The MMS sold there is reported to not contain lead, arsenic or other heavy metals and has no sodium chlorate. each batch for weight, and proper free Chlorine Dioxide content.

In general, here are some tips on getting good MMS:

1. Buy in glass, not plastic. This is especially important for long term use. The plastic dropper material can leach into the MMS and contaminate it (I had this very thing happen).

2. Make sure the lids are non-leaching. You don’t want metal leaching from the lid into the MMS.

3. Go to the Jim Humble website and ask about the specific company where you want to purchase your MMS.