Legen…wait for it…dary

Barney Stinson with a classic HD Generator Message
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Wait for it? Really? Grrrhhhhh!

I loved “How I Met Your Mother”. How many times did I hear Barney Stinson say those words Legen… wait for it… dary!?

Since I discovered Human Design (My HD Profile is Generator 6/3 with Sacral Authority) I’ve had occasion to ponder those words in light of my life.

I’m one who has never waited. I hear that is not uncommon to Generator Profiles. The world is set up for us to “do” and to make things happen. We are all dressed up to be Barney Stinson, to be Manifesters. For a Generator profile, the suit doesn’t fit.

The Generators of the world carry the life force energy. Like the energizer bunny, Generators are designed to go, go, go til they are exhausted, drop into deep, restful sleep and awaken the next morning as full of energy as the day before.

There is a HUGE caveat to that statement though… Generators can only live this way when the work they are doing is in alignment with their design. When a generator has responded to something with a sacral “YES” and entered into a project correctly, work becomes this joyful and energetic pursuit. The reverse is true when there has been no yes. When a Generator responds to the manipulation of a Manifestor, they still go, go, go but end up burned out and unable to regenerate.

Before human design, and still to a great degree, Manifestor energies have long had 70 percent of our population doing all over themselves, and out of alignment with their own design. The more Generators wake up, the less such manipulation will be possible and the more our world will come into harmony and balance.

All well and good but… here’s the rub for me, and a lot of Generators who grew up believing they had to be Manifestors… we have to wait.

Wait for it? Wait for every damn thing? Really? Grrhhhhh!

This is, by far, the biggest challenge I face in learning to live my Human Design. I have acted from the mind and/or pushed from the mind so much that waiting seems fairly impossible.

Yet, each day that I become more aware of pushing and more aware of not waiting, I see the wisdom of changing those patterns of behavior.

I also have an open emotional center which means all these feelings I constantly have bombarding me are not even mine. Big revelation there. That’s the second biggest challenge to living my design.

Taking baby steps.