Cornsilk Health Benefits

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Cornsilk Benefits:

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CORNSILK, also called ZEA MAYS is literally the fine silk, or tassels from the ear (or seedhead) of the corn

The silky streamers inside an ear of corn is used medicinally as cornsilk.. It contains vitamins B and K as well as silicon, maizenic acid, fixed oils, resins and mucilage.

INTERNAL USE: Cornsilk is taken as a tincture. Use Cornsilk to help bedwetting, burning urine, bladder stones, cystic inflammation, kidney stones, obesity, prostate stones, renal inflammation and many PMS symptoms

Cornsilk is a natural Diuretic:

Herbalists often recommend cornsilk to help reduce inflammation and painful symptoms caused by urinary tract infections, cystitis, bladder stones, premenstrual syndrome and fluid retention.

Helps relieve painful urination caused by enlarged prostate gland.

How Cornsilk Works:

There has been very little investigation into the effectiveness of Cornsilk, however a recent study in Vietnam failed to prove it’s diuretic properties. As it is still a popular herb with herbalists, more research is needed.

Cornsilk Side Effects

No serious adverse reactions are known at this time.

Cornsilk Safety Issues

As little is known about Cornsilk’s diuretic action, people with kidney problems should avoid this herb. Also, and this is a huge factor, if you choose to use cornsilk, look for organic to avoid using cornsilk from GMO corn. Since 99% of US corn is currently GMO corn, best to avoid it all together unless you can find organic.