Can Plexus cause Heart Palpitations?

Are Plexus Weight Loss Products Safe?
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PlexusSlim, Boost and BioCleanse Side Effects

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A friend of mine recently started taking the Plexus Weight Loss Products. After a few days, she noticed she was experiencing tachycardia and wondered if there could be any ingredients in the formula that could be causing it.

My first thought was caffeine since both the PlexusSlim and the Plexus Boost contain it. That was ruled out because my friend had never had a reaction from caffeine, even when taking headache medications containing a fairly large dose.

I started seeking out information on the Plexus products and found one blog that confused me. It was all about whether Plexus is safe or not. The writer listed and evaluated the safety of the ingredients used in the Plexus products. However, I noticed they included Hoodia Gordonii. When I looked at the Plexus Slim label, I didn’t find Hoodia Gardonii.

I went ingredient by ingredient and finally found some information on one of the ingredients, called Higenamine, in Plexus Boost. I was unfamiliar with this ingredient, taken from tangerine peel so of course, I googled it. I did find reference to tachycardia with this ingredient and when my friend, who is also a Nurse Anesthetist, read what’s on this page about higenamine and tachycardia, she said she felt sure that was what was happening to her and that the higenamine was the culprit. There are apparently different sources of higenamine and I couldn’t find anything specific to this ingredient as sources from tangerine peel rather than from aconite or in the form of hygenamine as norcoclaurine but it seems that a property of this ingredents, regardless of sources I could find info on, is that common side effects include rapid heart beat or arrythmia.

I don’t know if the Plexus weight loss formulas are safe or not. I would assume if anyone had a heart condition or controlled high blood pressure, they might best leave the Boost formula off