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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Not a Fan of MLM Hype

Since I’m a wellness counselor who has been online for decades, and I’ve written hundreds of articles on health, I get things in my inbox. I recently came across or was sent something that, on the surface of it, sounded wonderful. Nutritious food products containing all 43 essential nutrients. yevo is the name. It is in an MLM structure.

Multilevel marketing is not something I have ever enjoyed being part of before. Yet, as hope springs eternal and because this promised to actually be products I’d use every day so I wouldn’t mind that mandatory monthly order that keeps all MLM structures afloat, I checked into yevo … or I tried to check into it.

All I found was a ton of hype, videos that will soon be on youtube offering nothing but teasers and little or no information about the actual products.

The person who contacted me to sign up expects me to authorize a charge to my credit card on February 1, 2015, for these special foods that I’ve yet to see an ingredient list for or have much information about and the initial food package certainly doesn’t seem worth near as much as they are charging.

For example, they have a very high protein oatmeal and some mac and cheese. I’m not a fan of mac and cheese and I can’t imagine paying the cost per portion they are charging for oatmeal. If it truly is special, let me see an ingredient list. I’ve been in wellness for decades, and understand a thing or two about nutrition. If this truly is a phenomenal food line, let me see the ingredients and also, before I sign up for hundreds of dollars per month to be on the top earning level, how about letting me know what else I can buy besides these two items?

I think any food that has the 43 essential ingredients in it would be heads and shoulders above the cheap food that a lot of folks are eating but that’s the thing, yevo. The ones you could help most by providing the 43 essential nutrients in foods are the ones that can’t afford your foods.

Be up front on your website … are these ALL non-GMO foods? If any are GMO, that negates the health factor for me immediately. Are they organic? What’s the percentage of organic versus non-organic?

yevo … no. If you want me and other knowledgeable wellness folk who aren’t about the money to tell people about you, become more transparent and more about the actual facts in your videos, emails and website articles.

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