Listening to Whispers

Here and Not Here

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Listening to Whispers

For weeks, or ages, I’ve been walking in space

Surrounded by all these whispering realities…

Whispers that say anything at all is solid

Whispers that tell me I am solid and exist in form,
here on this little blue ball which also exists in form…

What happens if I stop listening to the whispers
that speak of a reality I no longer support?

Who is the I that no longer supports this
appearance of reality that must be held.

We all agreed to be in this “here” it appears
and yet, if the agreement were to dissolve, I
wonder what could be seen?

What if all I have been hearing is an echo of
a particular illusion we all decided to play with
and what happens if I choose a different game
right now?

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