Changing The Past

Changing the Past

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Jumping Back In Time

I was interrupted mid-stream yesterday and I was rude. It bears noticing. I made assumptions about something, and by the time I realized I had been inaccurate in my perception, the moment for alignment and adjustment had passed. Lucky for me I know this time travel trick I learned from Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson so I jumped back a little and noticed what I noticed. It shifted the present because really, all of it is present despite the illusion of jumping back.

I’m beginning to see “the past” as a sort of energetic awareness holder in the present moment, a flag pointing to something for me. Sometimes, it’s a noticing that’s being asked for, to see something differently or to let go of some experience that I’ve allowed to define me in even the smallest of ways. Sometimes… well, it’s something else.

Whatever the reason my soul plants a flag of awareness, it behooves me to remember that it is a flag. It’s not “the past” as in something existing outside the present moment and therefore unchangeable. Noticing the flag, in and of itself, begins to change whatever past moment experience may be attempting to pull my energy in a backward motion through this game we call time.

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