When Memories Still Hurt

Should we remember the past?

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

We’ve all had those moments. A scent, a picture, a song will bring back a memory of a painful moment from our past. Or maybe a bittersweet moment that is painful because a person we loved is gone from us.

Time softens the pain of such memories and there are those who say that we should never forget the past because it has made us who we are today.

In a metaphysical sense, there is no past. To hang on to even what happened a moment ago drags a bit of our energy into a space that slows our awareness of the present.

Yet, it’s part of the human experience to remember. What matters most to me is my response to memory, in particular painful memory.

When a memory knocks the wind out of me, I attempt to consciously focus in and see if there’s still something in the past that is unhealed.

I consciously bless the moment and then let go of everything except this moment and, over time, the memories that would hurt do not anymore.

It seems to me that any memory that I want to hang on to despite the hurt, at least in my life path, is a memory where I have regret, guilt, shame or fear.

Once I let go of those vibrations of the past, the memory itself often fades too.

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