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yevo NOT organic, NOT non-gmo despite ads to contrary

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yevo living up to MLM reputation so far

Is it sour grapes? I’ve been burned by MLM more than once so maybe. However, anyone who knows me knows that the most important thing for me in representing a product personally, is that I believe in that product. I do NOT believe in yevo.

I’ve written through the main website more than once asking about GMO status and organic status. No one bothered to email me back. However, this morning, after receiving an email from the recruiter through which I learned of yevo, I went back to see. This statement is there now:

At this time YEVO products are not organic or non-GMO. However, these are options we are considering for the future.

To date, with the soft launch this month, yevo offers two “meals”. Oatmeal (plain and cinnamon) and rice. These are “infused” with 43 essential nutrients and more protein, which is what yevo says sets them apart and makes a bowl of oatmeal worth $4 a serving. They also offer vitamin infused coffee and tea but there is nothing on the website about the type of coffee used and as far as where nutrients are sourced, they only say “multiple locations”.

The website states yevo breakfast foods contain:
No Trans Fat
No High Sodium
No Preservatives
No High Heat
No Cooking
No Artificial Dyes / Colors

Yet, there is no ingredient list that I could find. Hidden MSG is an unanswered question.

In typical MLM fashion, they did not allow the purchase of samples before the launch and if there’s an actual ingredient label on the website, I’ve yet to find it.

I still say no to yevo.

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