Shuffling off this mortal coil

Shuffling off this mortal coil

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

What I want those who love me to know

I guess it comes with age … more consideration about death.

Losing people close to you deepens the exploration. My Mom going a few years ago and the health scares some of my relatives have had brought death closer.

Now, as I notice my body responding in different ways to stress and pain, I once again look at that moment between worlds. What is death anyway?

I absolutely know that we live on, that this isn’t all there is.

When I shuffle off this mortal coil, I give permission and encouragement to those who love me most, to let the time spent grieving be brief and to let thoughts of regret dissolve in a gentle light of knowing that my life has been most sublime.

Markers of human experience like pain, sadness, disappointment, fear, doubt, guilt, shame have no place in the transition; the laying down of the body and the return to Spirit.

All the struggle, all the appearance of broken hearts and dreams, all the foolishness that comes with the human pursuits … those are all associated with this unique human experience, in this unique human body. Beyond all that humanness, that seems so BIG when we are in it, is a VASTNESS that the human self only glimpses here.

If I’m lucky, I’ll get more moments of feeling that BIGNESS of ALL THAT IS while I’m still in this body. I believe that’s why myself, and many, many, many other spiritually conscious beings have held the consciousness of a new way and a new world for so long. However often the glimpses and embodiment here, though, I suspect it can’t compare with being again formless and free of the human body.

I love my body. I have not always respected and honored it and I have very often allowed stress and worry to create pain. I ask forgiveness of the body. If I could have done better with that, though, I know I would have done better. Let there be gentle forgiveness and mercy that may be extended. It is so.

There is a higher perspective on a human life, mine or that of any human.

It is a blessing when this is remembered. There is no comparing one life to another, just as there is no need to wish anything had been different. It has all been perfect and will be until the last moment I inhabit this body.

After that, wow. Some part of me will miss all of this … and … some larger part will dance the heavens in freedom’s joy.

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