I AM Insane

I AM Insane

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
I AM Insane

I am insane
There is not much to contest

I do not subscribe to the norm…

I do not believe
is to be described by
moments at work.

I do not believe a pretty house
and a nice car
and health insurance
equals = a life.

I am In Sane.

It’s ok.

I’m sort of used to it by now
being the one outside the idea
the one clinging to the ideal

free water, free land, free food, free internet, free electric power … imagine a world like that.
Yes, almost impossible, seen through the lens of having to pay with our lives for all of it, with 1/3 of almost every day we live.

For me, that is insane.

I have removed myself from that paradigm
but it has not removed itself from my vision

I am not there though, in that insanity

I am In Sane/\.

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