The other shoe

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

The Other Shoe

If there is another shoe, it seems the nature of it to drop, or at least present the threat of dropping. The old saying has one’s hackles up, nerves on edge, waiting… for… never anything good.

So … maybe the best plan is not to create the other shoe.

Maybe only one shoe can drop and the other doesn’t have to follow. Maybe bad things don’t have to come in threes. Maybe just deciding that the shoe dropping isn’t necessarily a bad thing could help. Since we’re making it all up in our heads anyway, maybe even the one shoe that we dread can be dropless and we can just go about our day, trusting in a benevolent universe…

Or go barefoot, removing shoes from the equation altogether.

No, I like shoes.

I just don’t wanta be in a state of fight of flight with life. It may be what I learned well as a child, this vigilance and hyper attention to detail. Perhaps it can be what I un-learn as I grow older.

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