Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins in a Shark Tank

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
6/3 Generator Goes for A Swim

I had an interesting conversation with a facebook friend this morning. She was talking about how she was being careful when sharing her plans because some in her life did not support swimming against the current and would “vomit fear” all over her. I could totally get that visual, ha.

I hardly ever swim with the current. Thankfully, for both of my spiritually conscious friend and myself, the current is changing. As more and more of us wake up to what is not working, new and awesome experiences are blossoming and there are alternate currents opening up where one is not alone in taking this or that unique path outside the mainstream and collective mindset.

I have had fear vomited on me when I swim out where there are no markers. I’ve also had my own fear all over me at those times. Whoever’s fear it is … doesn’t feel good.

More often, I’ve had those around me immediately engage the mind with all the “what ifs” and “have you thought abouts” and questions. It tears me up because I have an open head center so there’s an automatic pressure to answer when asked. For those unfamiliar with the significance of an open head center, I am studying a set of information called Human Design. In this HD structure, determined by birth date, place and time, my profile is 6/3 Generator. My defined centers are just that; defined. I chose them so that I’d have defined ways of operating here, throughout my life. In addition to the defined centers, I have several that are open or undefined. My head center is one of those. Because that center is undefined, I am susceptible to being influenced by those with defined head centers, to the extent that I may think their thoughts are my own and act on them.

Obviously, this is a big deal. My authority is sacral, which means the ONLY influence I am designed to pay attention to is a yes, no or hmmm from my sacral center. I’m learning to recognize these sacral responses.

So if I want to go swimming with dolphins, I have to remember that I may be in a shark tank instead if I have not followed my sacral responses and entered into the swim correctly.

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